Here is a list of publications in which Medesis Pharma staff members are co-authors, or which mention the Aonys® delivery plateform of Medesis Pharma.


  • Wilson EN, Do Carmo S, Iulita MF, Hall H, Ducatenzeiler A, Marks AR, Allard S, Jia DT, Windheim J and Cuello AC

BACE1 inhibition by microdose lithium formulation NP03 rescues memory loss and early stage amyloid neuropathology

Translational Psychiatry (2017) 7, e1190. See full text here.


  • Lavaud C, Kajdan M, Compte E, Maurel JC, Lai Kee Him J, Bron P, Oliviero E, Long J, Larionovaa J and Guari Y

In situ synthesis of Prussian blue nanoparticles within a biocompatible reverse micellar system for in vivo Cs+ uptake

New J. Chem., 2017,41, 2887-2890


  • Marelli C and Maschat F.

The P42 peptide and Peptide-based therapies for Huntington’s disease.

Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases (2016) 11:24. See full text of article here.


  • Mouri A, Legrand P, El Ghzaoui A, Dorandeu C, Maurel JC, Devoisselle JM.

Formulation, physicochemical characterization and stability study of lithium-loaded microemulsion system.

Int J Pharm. 2016 Apr 11;502(1-2):117-24.


  • Mouri A, Diat O, El Ghzaoui A, Ly I, Dorandeu C, Maurel JC, Devoisselle JM, Legrand P.

Developement of pharmaceutical gel based on Peceol, lecithin, ethanol and water : Physicochemical characterization and stability study.

J Colloid Interface Sci. 2015 Nov 1;457:152-61.


  • Mouri A, Diat O, El Ghzaoui A, Bauer C, Maurel JC, Devoisselle JM, Dorandeu C, Legrand P.

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J Colloid Interface Sci. 2014 Feb 15;416:139-46.


  • Mouri A, Diat O, Lerner DA, Ghzaoui AE, Ajovalasit A, Dorandeu C, Maurel JC, Devoisselle JM, Legrand P.

Water solubilization capacity of pharmaceutical microemulsions based on Peceol®, lecithin and ethanol.

Int J Pharm. 2014 Jul 15;475(1-2):324-334.


  • Lehmann S, Relano-Gines A, Resina S, Brillaud E, Casanova D, Vincent C, Hamela C, Poupeau S, Laffont M, Gabelle A, Delaby C, Belondrade M, Arnaud JD, Alvarez MT, Maurel JC, Maurel P, Crozet C.

Systemic delivery of siRNA down regulates brain prion protein and ameliorates neuropathology in prion disorder.

PLoS One. 2014 Feb 14;9(2):e88797. See full article here.


  • Arribat Y, Talmat-Amar Y, Paucard A, Lesport P, Bonneaud N, Bauer C, Bec N, Parmentier ML, Benigno L, Larroque C, Maurel P, Maschat F.

Systemic delivery of P42 peptide: a new weapon to fight Huntington’s disease.

Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2014 Aug 5;2:86. See full article here.


  • Pouladi MA, Brillaud E, Xie Y, Conforti P, Graham RK, Ehrnhoefer DE, Franciosi S, Zhang W, Poucheret P, Compte E, Maurel JC, Zuccato C, Cattaneo E, Néri C, Hayden MR.

NP03, a novel low-dose lithium formulation, is neuroprotective in the YAC128 mouse model of Huntington disease.

Neurobiol Dis. 2012 Dec;48(3):282-9.