Treatment of contaminated populations after a nuclear accident:
Novel drugs designed by Medesis Pharma proved to be effective

Recently published, a scientific article confirms the mode of action of nanoparticles designed by Medesis Pharma. The nanoparticles were made for the treatment of large contaminated populations after a nuclear accident coming from civil or military facilities.

Montpellier, France, 11th July 2017 – Medesis Pharma announces today the recent publication of a scientific article by a journal of the well-known Royal Society of Chemistry.

This article describes the numerous studies carried out by Medesis Pharma for the development of a future drug. This drug is intended to decorporate the cesium after a radioactive contamination. The development of an innovative method to synthesize the active ingredients was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Yannick Guari and his academic team (CNRS and University of Montpellier).


Nano-emulsion for the direct delivery of active ingredients

Medesis Pharma owns a patented biotechnology based on water nano-droplets dispersed in an oily lipid phase. These nano-droplets allow the delivery of active ingredients in the body through the cells, with a type of “Trojan horse” mechanism.

This biotechnology is noticeably appropriate for medicines meant to protect populations after a civil or military nuclear accident.

The technology has multiple drug delivery applications for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases – such as Alzheimer or Huntington – or the treatment of type 2 diabetes, through the nano-micelles containing the therapeutic ingredients.

Increasing 4-fold the effectiveness against the nuclear contamination

The scientific article is available in the New Journal of Chemistry, owned by the Royal Society of Chemistry. It is entitled “In situ synthesis of Prussian Blue nanoparticles within a biocompatible reverse micellar system for in vivo Cs+ uptake”.

In this article, the biotechnology developed by Medesis Pharma is well described and reveals how the stable nanoparticles are synthesized within the formulation.

It confirms the main interest in the chemical synthesis technique developed by Medesis Pharma and its collaborative team from CNRS and the University of Montpellier. And most of all, it highlights the method to insure the stability of the Prussian Blue nanoparticles which are able to entrap the cesium ions.

In the in vivo studies, the drinkable formulation was administered to rats contaminated with cesium (cold 133-cesium). An important cesium decorporation activity was proven in comparison with existing active ingredients. On average, the Medesis Pharma treatments were about 4 times faster, with Prussian Blue doses until 80 times lower.

Furthermore, the drinkable formulation is appropriate for pregnant women or children, more particularly neonates.


« Preventing the consequences of a nuclear accident through fast and effective drugs »

« The potential applications of the results of these studies are important. As cesium is a toxic radionuclide which must be eliminated from the body as fast as possible in order to minimize long-term effects, mostly concerning pregnant women and young children » declares Dr. Jean Claude Maurel, founder and CEO of Medesis Pharma. In addition, Dr. Maurel claims « Our products are more effective and avoid uncomfortable side effects compared to the actual capsules. We are hoping to reduce the treatment period from 4 months to almost 15 days to reach a total decorporation »


After a civil or military accident involving nuclear material, dispersed radioactive metals contaminate both the environment and populations exposed depending on the perimeter.

Today, there are no suitable decorporation treatment for large contaminated populations, and no drugs approved to be used after contamination or irradiation free of serious side effects.

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About Medesis Pharma:

Medesis Pharma developed a patented biotechnology based on water nano-droplets. Active ingredients formulated within these droplets can be delivered directly into the body through the cells, with a “Trojan horse” mechanism.

This innovative drug delivery technology allows multiple applications:

–          The development of drugs for the protection of populations from nuclear contamination after a civil or military accident. The use of drinkable formulations particularly suitable for pregnant women and neonates which can be over exposed. The products developed by Medesis Pharma allow the decorporation of plutonium and cesium, and the nuclear radioprotection.

–          The development of suitable drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases) and type 2 diabetes. The water nano-droplets allow the formulation/solubilization of therapeutic ingredients.

Furthermore, a research program is in progress in oncology (personalized treatment of cancers), concerning radiotherapy (protection of safe tissues) and for the development of therapeutic peptides (Huntington’s disease)

The company is headquartered in Montpellier (France) with a subsidiary in Montreal (Canada)

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