An innovative technology

to treat serious illnesses

Buccal administration to deliver pharmaceutical active ingredients to all cells:
Interfering RNAs, metal ions, peptides …
With AONYS delivery platform, Medesis Pharma paves the way for new treatments !


Medesis Pharma signs a partnership with Partner International, world leader in transactions between biotechs and pharmaceutical laboratories

April, 2023

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Medesis pharma sets up bond financing for a potential maximum nominal amount of 2,500,000 euros

March, 2023

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New patent filed protecting the technical optimization of the Aonys microemulsion and its efficacy applied for all water-soluble pharmaceutical active ingredients

March, 2023

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AONYS®, a unique platform for drug administration

AONYS® is a micro-emulsion for buccal administration, invisible to immune system and protected transport in HDL lipoproteins, allowing intracellular release with passage across the blood–brain barrier.

Our Goals

Medesis Pharma is a clinical-stage Pharmaceutical Biotechnology company developing innovative technology (AONYS®) for the delivery of therapeutic molecules to treat diseases with no current efficacious treatment.


Neurodegenerative diseases





About us

A nuclear threat spurs Medesis to advance radiation therapy
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