Medesis Pharma

General Presentation

Medesis Pharma is a clinical-stage Pharmaceutical Biotechnology company developing innovative technology (AONYS®) for the delivery of therapeutic molecules to treat diseases with no current efficacious treatment.

Medesis Pharma is listed on Euronext Growth Paris.

Legal structure :

  • Montpellier (France) Headquarters
  • Montreal (Canada) 100% subsidiary. Medesis Pharma Inc. is a subsidiary for collaborations with McGill University and the University of Montreal.
Medesis Pharma Entreprise Présentation

Our history

Medesis Pharma Entreprise Présentation

Medesis Pharma already has a long history.

Research program began in 1991 with the initiation of program investigating a plant extract for treatment of metabolic anomalies linked to insulin resistance.

After ten years of chemical purification (and more than 2,000 candidate molecules tested on animal models) the constituents of our micro-emulsion were identified, which evolved into a strictly pharmaceutical formulation: the water/oil micro-emulsion that we have called Aonys® .

Our technology and its multiple applications are protected by 11 international patents
Medesis Pharma was created in April 2003 and has, over the years, developed a substantial pipeline that now leads several future drugs into the clinic.

Our mission and our values

The primary mission of the company is medical — that is, the development of new drugs to treat diseases that are, to date, lacking effective treatments (e.g. neurodegenerative diseases, cancers and viral diseases, in particular COVID-19). We also have a financial objective, because only appropriate funding makes it possible to implement development plans and the validation of the efficacy and safety of each drug.

Since its creation, Medesis Pharma has been financed by private individuals who believed in our projects and their prospects (230 historical shareholders). In February 2021, the Company’s listing on Euronext Growth Paris created real momentum for our clinical development with patients.

To summarize the values of the company:

Always dreaming that we can achieve it.

Having the courage to move forward in a world of multiple constraints.

Combining rigor with enthusiasm!

Executive board

Jean Claude Maurel

Jean-Claude Maurel

President, CEO

Jean-Claude Maurel created Medesis Pharma in 2003. He trained as a medical doctor and has more than 30 years of experience in the research, development and marketing of drugs.

He created the Natura Medica laboratory in 1985, a pharmaceutical laboratory that developed and marketed extracts of medicinal plants, which was then sold in 1990 to IPSEN-BEAUFOUR.

In 1991, he created a research company that, after 10 years of chemical and pharmacological explorations, discovered the lipid constituents that today are the foundation of AONYS® technology.

In 2003, he created Medesis Pharma by bringing together patents and technical know-how.

Solène Guilliot – Directrice des Affaires Médicales et des Développements Cliniques

Solène Guilliot

Member of the Executive Board, Chief Medical Officer & Head of R&D

Solene Guilliot is a doctor of pharmacy with over 7 years of experience in medical affairs and clinical development. Previously, she held several international positions at Sanofi Genzyme and Bristol-Myers Squibb (United States, Canada, Germany and France). With her experience in neuroscience and immunology, in industry and in hospitals, she joined Medesis Pharma in 2021.

Mario Alcaraz

Mario Alcaraz

Member of the Executive Board, General Secretary

Mario Alcaraz holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Management, a Master’s degree in Management Control, a Diploma in Accounting and Management, as well as a Global Executive MBA. He is currently completing management courses at Berkeley University.

Mario is a former Chief Financial Officer and Head of Management Control. He served in various sectors of activity including that of Biotechnology where his functions also included investor relations and financial communication.

Supervisory Board

Olivier Connes

Chairman of the Board

Olivier Connes is Chairman of the Management Board of the Meridis Group, a supplier of industrial equipment specializing in planning, food processing and research. Partner at Solid Surfaces Applications, a company specializing in the wood and PVC joinery sector.

Bernard Connes

Jean-Marie Cazalèdes

Cédric Navas

Jean-Philippe Causse

Emmanuel Hebert

Robert J. Alonso

Walt A. Linscott

Emmanuel Hebert

Robert J. Alonso

Walt A. Linscott

Scientific Advisory board

To carry out its projects, Medesis Pharma composed two advisory boards to benefit from guidance of field experts:

– Nanolithium in neurology – Advisory Board
Advisory board composed of neurologists, geriatricians, researchers who have had or have practical experience with lithium or Nanolithium in neurology. Their role is to review the data generated, ongoing studies, upcoming projects and guide the overall development of Medesis Pharma’s Nanolithium with a field perspective.

– Nanolithium in Alzheimer’s disease – Advisory Board
Advisory Board composed of international experts in Alzheimer’s disease to guide and advise Medesis Pharma in the development of Nanolithium in Alzheimer’s disease.

Docteur Rouleau

Dr. Guy Rouleau

Neurologist, MD, PhD. Montreal, Canada

Nanolithium neurology

Professor Maria Soto Martin

Pr. Maria Soto Martin

Geriatrician, MD, PhD. Toulouse, France

Nanolithium neurology
Nanolithium Alzheimer

Jacques Touchon

Pr. Jacques Touchon

Neurologist, MD, PhD. Montpellier, France

Nanolithium neurology
Nanolithium Alzheimer


Dr. Mahmoud Pouladi

Researcher, PhD. Vancouver, Canada

Nanolithium neurology

Edward N. Wilson

Dr. Edward N. Wilson

Researcher, PhD. San Francisco, USA

Nanolithium neurology


Dr. Cecilia Marelli

Neurologist, MD, PhD. Montpellier, France.

Nanolithium neurology

Constantine George LYKETSOS

Constantine George Lyketsos

Neurologist, MD. Baltimore, USA

Nanolithium Alzheimer


Serge Gauthier

Neurologist, MD. Montreal, Canada

Nanolithium Alzheimer

Zahinoor Ismail

Zahinoor Ismail

Psychiatrist & Neurologist, MD, PhD. Calgary, Canada

Nanolithium Alzheimer