Optimization of radiotherapy for cancer treatment

The most important constraint linked to radiotherapy comes from the fact that by irradiating a tumor, one cannot totally avoid irradiating the surrounding tissues.

There is therefore a risk of damaging healthy (i.e. non-cancerous) cells located near the area to be treated.

The side effects vary depending on the location of the irradiated tumor.

NanoManganese protects the irradiated healthy tissue and potentiates the effect of the radiotherapy on the tumor cells.

A first pre-clinical study has shown this double action, allowing to consider a real optimization of the effectiveness of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancers.


Potentiation of oncological viruses : a collaboration with Transgene

TRANSGENE (Euronext Paris: TNG), a biotechnology company designing and developing virus-based immunotherapies against cancers and infectious diseases, has signed a collaborative research agreement with Medesis Pharma.

Medesis Pharma handled the siRNA design, synthesis and formulation in the Aonys® microemulsion. TRANSGENE carried out a first pharmacologic study, enabling it to validate the target gene inhibition and the resulting optimization of the efficacy of its oncolytic viruses.