Development of pharmaceutical clear gel_EN

3 Oct 2017

Development of pharmaceutical clear gel based on Peceol®, lecithin, ethanol and water: Physicochemical characterization and stability study


Mouri A, Diat O, El Ghzaoui A, Ly I, Dorandeu C, Maurel JC, Devoisselle JM, Legrand P


The phase behavior of the four-components Peceol®/lecithin/ethanol/water system has been studied in a part of the phase diagram poor in water and varying the lecithin/ Peceol® ratio. Using several complementary techniques such as Karl Fischer titration, rheology, polarized microscopy and SAXS measurements several nanostructures of the complex systems were identified. W/O microemulsion (L2) as well as an inverted hexagonal (H2) liquid-crystal phase were studied. The analysis of the different phase transitions allows us to understand the effect of lecithin on the water solubilization efficiency of this clear gel and to show its pharmaceutical interest among lecithin organogels.


Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 457 (2015) 152–161