AONYS® drug delivery technology

13 Jun 2017

AONYS® is a mix of lipidic components that spontaneously assemble into a water-in-oil microemulsion. The active agent is solubilized in the aqueous phase of the microemulsion, within reverse micelles of 4 to 5 nm in diameter.

AONYS® allows the administration of low doses of water-soluble pharmaceutical active ingredients. The final product is deposited on the mucosa of the mouth and then transported by lipoproteins and delivered directly into the cytoplasm of the cells of the whole body via lipoprotein cell receptors.


  • Buccal administration
  • No first pass-hepatic effect
  • Passage through the BBB
  • No exposure to plasmatic and interstitial degradation enzymes
  • Increased benefit/risk ratio
  • Superior pharmacokinetic profile with increased efficacy coupled with better tolerability
  • Low COGs through simple but patented manufacturing process
  • Delivery technology stable for 6 months at 40°C, and 3 years at room temperature
  • Suitable for pediatric use


The AONYS® technology offers major benefits. Active agents are administered through a non-invasive administration (buccal deposit). At the same time, it allows drugs to reach their intracellular targets, in the brain for example, while reducing the required dose and diminishing side effects.


Multiple drug applications

The AONYS® platform is able to formulate water soluble active ingredients of various sizes such as metal ions, chelating molecules, peptides and oligonucleotides. In addition, stable ultra-small nanoparticles may be manufactured in situ, opening up new opportunities in the field of nano-medicine. See our Publications.