Viral diseases

25 Nov 2020

Medesis Pharma is developing a radioprotection drug to treat people irradiated following a civil or military nuclear accident (NP02 – NanoManganese®).

Preclinical trials have been carried out with the French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA). (Study reports available)

A series of studies have been conducted on irradiated animals, with very positive results, enabling all the animals to survive with an LD50 radiation dose (50% of the animals die within 10 days). As a very important factor for radioprotection, activity is observed with radiomitigation, which means that it is effective when administered within 24h of irradiation.


Medesis Pharma has a microemulsion technology that enables it to deliver these non-modified native siRNAs directly into the cytoplasm of all the organism’s cells via the HDL lipoprotein receptors, crossing the blood–brain barrier (BBB) after a non-invasive oral administration.

One very important factor for clinical development: the siRNA is invisible from the mouth through to delivery into the cells’ cytoplasm for the entire immune system because it is included in the lipoproteins, and we do not trigger any immune response.

A randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, double-blind phase 2 trial is currently being prepared to assess the clinical efficacy of NanosiRNA® alongside standard treatments for proven symptomatic COVID-19 adult patients at general practice level.