Founded in 2003, Medesis Pharma SA was founded to consolidate and develop the intellectual property associated with the discovery of several lipidic components which had been shown to efficiently deliver vanadium in animal models with corrected phenotypes associated with insulin resistance:

  • 7 years of screening with purified fractions extracted from urtica dioïca – tested on 12,000 diabetic rats.
  • Identification of 3 lipids which when associated with very low concentrations of vanadium provided anti-diabetic activity in diabetic rats.
  • Transformation of the fractions to a pharmaceutical formulation.
  • Optimization of the technology towards different types of active ingredients.

Further research lead to the development of a pharmaceutical formulation, Aonys®, which forms the basis to all products in the research and development pipeline.

Aonys® and its multiple applications are protected by a family of 9 international patents.

  • Montpellier (France) Headquarters
  • Montreal (Canada), fully-owned subsidiary. Medesis Pharma Inc. is a subsidiary set up to collaborate with McGill University and the University of Montreal.

In early 2021, Medesis Pharma went public on the French stock exchange of Euronext Growth Paris.